Implement the framework your way for your business

The B3 framework® for company building is designed to be used flexibly to meet your needs.

The entire framework can be used as a tool to understand the current state of a company or to scope out future changes needed in the business.

Alternatively many founders and leaders use specific layers or individual components of the framework separately to address specific challenges in their businesses.

Specific implementations

How businesses have used the B3 framework®

Since launch in 2023, the B3 framework® has been used in many different ways to help companies grow and change.

Understanding readiness to scale

Undertaking a structured review of the business to understand how ready it is to scale. Developing a clear plan to address areas that need improvement.

Preparing to seek growth funding

Using the framework to systematically assess strengths and weaknesses in the business. This informs better business cases, funding bids and pitch decks.

Implementing scaling after funding rounds

Creating clear plans for deploying major investment to power scaling. Ensuring funding is directed to activities that deliver greatest return on investment.

Troubleshooting specific growth issues

Identifying what’s really behind stalled growth and deciding what to do about it. Taking a holistic view of problems affecting growth.

Preparing businesses for sale

Preparing for due diligence processes. Ensuring that issues affecting valuation or completion are identified and addressed early.

Merging businesses after acquisition

Pre-merger evaluations of multiple businesses in a structured way. Creating a common language for leaders in these businesses.

Increasing leadership team effectiveness

Helping leaders understand their business as a complex system. Evaluating impacts of decisions using a common framework.

testingSystematic margin improvement

Identifying hidden issues that are affecting profitability in the business. Devising and implementing improvements.

Business transformation

Delivering major change initiatives. Understanding the hidden impacts of organisational change and system deployments.

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The B3 framework® is a simple yet powerful company building framework for founders and business leaders.

You can distribute, remix, adapt, and build on the B3 framework® in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given through a link back to this website. Full license details here.