The B3 framework


A flexible approach to building brilliant businesses

The B3 framework® is a simple yet powerful framework used by founders, leaders and investors to build resilient and sustainable growth companies.

Designed for rapid growth businesses.

Toolkit for implementing mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

Enables transformational change or company turnaround.

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The B3 framework® shows what must be in place to create and grows a business that’s sustainable, resilient and can perform consistently. The framework provides flexibility for leaders to understand where their business needs to focus.

They can then develop their own implementation, while being confident they are creating a coherent and high performing business as it grows.

The B3 framework® doesn’t tell you specifically how to create each component in the framework, nor the tools, techniques or methods you must use.

The right blend of solutions is unique for each scaling business, its history and growth journey.

Too many leaders try to replicate ways of doing things in business that have worked elsewhere. Yet often those solutions aren’t right for their business at that time.

There’s no magic one-size-fits-all “cookie cutter” template for creating brilliant businesses.

The B3 framework® was created with this in mind and encourages genuine experimentation and adaptation.

Introducing the framework

The framework is made up of fifteen components, grouped into four layers.

Each component represents something important that needs to have been thought about and implemented in a business for it to be successful.

Effective business performance happens when a business has the right components in place for each layer in the framework.

If layers or components are missing or inadequate, scaling and major change is much harder. The business is much more fragile as a result.

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Fundamental basics

Setting out why the business exists, what it does for customers and how it wants to develop as a company in the future. Read more →

Making a business

Taking the foundational aspirations and working out how they might translate into a viable commercial business. Read more →

Building the organisation

The building blocks of a functioning organisation so that people collaborate effectively towards common goals. Read more →

Operating the business

Practical day-to-day activities, tools and initiatives that are needed to run the company effectively. Read more →

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The B3 framework® is a simple yet powerful company building framework for founders and business leaders.

You can distribute, remix, adapt, and build on the B3 framework® in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given through a link back to this website. Full license details here.