Operating the business

Keeping the wheels turning

Operating the business is the fourth layer in of the B3 framework®. It features six practical components that need to be in place for any company to operate day-to-day.

Taking a deliberate and planned approach to how these components are fulfilled in a particular business pays serious dividends. Work remains aligned, teams remained focussed and discretionary effort is maximised. Wasted time and effort in the business is kept to a minimum.

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The six components of operating the business

Practical activities that are needed to run the company effectively.

discussionCadence & communication

The cadence & communication component ensures work moves forward coherently and information flows well through the organisation.

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Change leadership

The change leadership component recognises that businesses are in a perpetual state of change, needing Individual and collective leadership.

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The performance component ensures what happened before is learnt from, current performance is understood and future performance is maximised.

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The process component captures learnings in documented ways of doing common tasks repeatably. This improves efficiency and reduces risk.

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The systems component ensures the business has the right portfolio of systems and integrations to enable people and the business to work effectively.

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The standards component identifies and ensures the business meets the voluntary and statutory compliance standards that that it has decided to work to.

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The B3 framework® is a simple yet powerful company building framework for founders and business leaders.

You can distribute, remix, adapt, and build on the B3 framework® in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given through a link back to this website. Full license details here.