Congruence is underrated

Many founders see themselves as visionaries. They hold their ambition for the future they will create and are strongly driven ...

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Deciding on deciding

Decisions control the flow of work in your business. Pay attention to how and when they're made as well as who decides about what.

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Process isn’t boring

Process can be a source of innovation, reduce friction and accelerate growth. Don't let it become an industry in its own right. Look beyond the obvious.

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Scaling leadership

As businesses grow, what they need from leaders changes. Separating personal and business needs when thinking about this is hard, but important.

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Reducing friction

Two types of friction slow down businesses. Understanding it properly accelerates business growth

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Power in scaling businesses

Being deliberate about how power is distributed and used is vital for scaling a business. Without that focus you'll end up with unhelpful informal power structures that impede scaling.

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The value of organisation

How your business is organised is at the core of creating sustainable growth. It probably needs more focus than you give it.

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