Making a business

Bringing ambition to life

The second layer in the B3 framework® – making a business – is about making deliberate choices about how the company will go about delivering its ambitions.

In start-up businesses it is common to rapidly iterate through multiple strategies and operating models until enough product-market fit is achieved. In established businesses, less frequent iterations are likely, although leaders need recognise external factors that may drive the need for changes.

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The two components of making a business

Taking the foundational aspirations for the company and working out how they might translate into a viable commercial business.


The strategy component involves making considered and deliberate choices and trade-offs to achieve the goals of the business while remaining commercially sustainable as a business.

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Operating model

The operating model component sets out the blueprint for how value is created. It brings the strategy component to life and informs subsequent decisions about how the business is set up and operates.

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The B3 framework® is a simple yet powerful company building framework for founders and business leaders.

You can distribute, remix, adapt, and build on the B3 framework® in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given through a link back to this website. Full license details here.